Because many families find that it is difficult to provide an area large enough to accommodate their family and friends at this difficult time, St Joseph Church may offer the Social Hall for this purpose. Determination of whether there will be a luncheon is made by the Director of Liturgy when he/she meets with the grieving family to make funeral arrangements. There are times of the year or when other functions are already planned when this service will not be available; however, when funeral arrangements are made, the Director of Liturgy will make this determination. Luncheons are not usually allowed on Saturdays for several reasons; other meetings and classes, other activities; the need to be out of the hall and parking lot so that it is ready for confessions and Mass, and the fact that it is more difficult for people to be present as helpers/monitors at that time. If it is determined that a luncheon can and will be held here, Life Events Minister with the assistance of the Funeral Reception Committee and the Rosary Society and Guild will make available the hall for members of our parish.

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